Spring Farm Box

We are offering 4-week Farm Boxes and 10-week CSA subscriptions straight from the Hudson Valley to your neighborhood. The boxes contain a selection of fresh produce and farm eggs, with your choice to add-on other local goods, including meats, cheeses and grains.

There are two options for getting fresh produce and farm goods. You can choose a neighborhood pick up site or we can deliver to your door in Brooklyn or Manhattan. You may choose a Small, Medium or Large depending on your family size. You will see a saving with the 10 week sign up.

Please put in your address and your choice of pick up site will be chosen for you.

To ensure that there are no lapses in your subscription, your subscription is set to auto-renew. If you do not prefer this option, you can change the auto-renew toggle under ‘subscription.’ Here, you will also be able to auto-renew your favorite add-ons manually. We’ll leave that up to you 🙂

Happy shopping!

Memberships available at our 7 locations or contact us to start your own!