Lively Run Goat Cheese Tray

$24.00 / week

Enjoy this collection of our farmer’s finest goat’s milk cheese.
An award-winning cheese tray.

A $30 value – just 24.

Cayuga Blue is an award-winning goat’s milk blue cheese. Subtle and complex, it is rich with earthy and mushroom flavors – a fine addition to any dish featuring beef or mushrooms. Also fantastic with a berry jam and simple crackers.

Finger Lakes Gold Reserve (10 months) – another award-winning hard goat cheese that is aged for 10+ months with a slightly crumbly texture. Featuring nutty and caramel flavors, it is perfect for snacking right off the wheel or grating over pasta.

Plain Chevre is delicate, with a creamy texture that is balanced by a slight lactic tang and grassy, pastoral notes. It is a very versatile cooking cheese that is equally useful for savory dishes, like cheese dips or salads, and sweet recipes, like cheese cake or panna cotta.