Cow’s Milk Cheese Tray

$30.00 / week

A collection of heavenly cow’s milk cheeses.
Perfect for your next cozy wine night.

A $37 value – just $30.

Stella Vallis is a Chaseholm Creamery staple. With nutty characteristics underscored by a ‘cheddary’ sharpness, it’s excellent for pairing with sweet, wet fruits…like local apples, or jams.

Blue Yonder is Lively Run’s creamy cow’s milk blue cheese with natural rind that is both subtle, complex and approachable. While the rich Holstein milk gives the paste a lovely yellow color, it is marbled throughout with pockets and veins of deep blue. An excellent addition to any cheese tray.

Sheldrake Moon made at Lively Run Creamery is a decadent, bloomy- rind cheese, similar to Brie in style, made from whole cow milk. As the cheese ages, the paste breaks down into a lovely cream line that gives the cheese a lusciously rich texture. Just gorgeous.