Terms and Conditions

By paying in full and signing below I am committing to the Paisley Farm 2016 Spring/Summer CSA. I will pick up my share each week, and if I am unable I will arrange for someone else to pick it up. I understand that in the event I don’t pick up my share, it will be donated to a local charitable organization and redistributed to those in need. As a member, I commit to supporting the CSA by helping with distribution as a volunteer at the pick up site at least once during the season. I understand that being a CSA member involves sharing the rewards and risks with our farmer. I understand that the potential for catastrophic weather might lead to the loss of crops. I understand that my share of vegetables will vary from week to week, that there is no set amount, and that the weight and size of my share will change from week to week and through the season according to the farm’s harvest. I agree not to hold Paisley Farm CSA or anyone acting on its behalf, including any agents, officers, volunteer, or employees, responsible for any damages resulting from injuries sustained while engaged in any event or activity, including but not limited to the weekly distribution, farm visits, or any event or activity that is sponsored, held, or coordinated by Paisley Farm CSA. I also pledge to be nice to the other volunteers and CSA members. I have read this agreement and agree to its terms.