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Tuesday, 23 June 2009 12:40

Extra, extra: milk, eggs, cheese, and butter!

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We are taking orders for weekly “extras”!

Here’s how this works:

MEMBERS ONLY: Only members of Paisley Farm CSA may order these “extras”. To order, visit this page: 

DEADLINE: At the beginning of each week, you will receive a message about what’s available. Orders will be delivered the following week with your CSA share. You must place your order by Thursday evening at 5:00pm (again, for delivery the next week!).

PAYPAL: The orders page uses a PayPal shopping cart. Please set up a PayPal account if you don’t already have one.

FEES & MINIMUM: There is a $2.25 handling fee per order, and your order must total at least $12.00 (including the handling fee). We ask that members respect this minimum - PayPal will not enforce it automatically, so you are responsible for adhering to this rule. We won’t be able to fill orders that are less than $12.00 total.

SHIPPING ADDRESS: PayPal will ask for your shipping address, even though you are picking up at your CSA site. It’s ideal if you can enter your CSA pick-up site as your “shipping address,” but you may have your home address saved with your PayPal account. That’s okay.

There is also a text entry field in the checkout that asks for your CSA pick-up site: just enter the name here (i.e., “Jimmy’s”). It looks like this:

look for this when you checkout

look for this when you checkout

PICK-UP: You will pick-up your order with your CSA share.

PRODUCTS: Please use the links on the farm descriptions on the order page to learn more about the products. We will be offering chickens, fruit, and possibly other items soon! Stay tuned.

We’ve worked hard to set up a system that is both feasible for us while being usable for you. We hope you make use of this special service! ENJOY.

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Thursday, 18 June 2009 12:44

Recipes for the first week’s share

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All, I had a few requests for recipes - here are some I make. Do you have others? Please share them in the comments!

Quick Kale and White beans -

I serve this with some crusty bread and cheese for an easy lunch or supper

Dice one small onion and sautee over medium-high heat in butter or olive oil and a pinch of salt until soft and caramelized, about 5 minutes.
While this is cooking, rinse and chop the kale, then add it to the onions. Add 1 clove of minced garlic and a pinch of red pepper flakes (if you have arbol chiles, use them, they are great in this. You could also add the turnip greens along with the kale…). Add 2 c frozen pre-cooked (or one can, well rinsed) cannelini beans. Stir to coat with oil. Add 1 cup of white wine or dry sherry and let the mixture cook down over medium heat. If the kale isn’t yet soft, add a half cup water and steam it to continue cooking.

Pasta w/ Kale, leeks and carrots, serves 3
Take 3 leeks, trim off the leek greens and slice the white parts fine. Sautee in butter in a small soup pot for 3 minutes or until just beginning to soften. Add a few branches of dried thyme or 1 t herbes de provence, 2 diced carrots, the kale, rinsed and chopped, and 1/2 lb dried rotini (or other) pasta. Stir to coat w/ butter and let cook for a minute. Then add just enough water, or a mixture of dry white wine and water to barely cover the pasta. Bring the liquid to a boil, then cook, stirring frequently to keep as much of the pasta covered in liquid as possible, until the pasta is al dente. There may still be some liquid in the pan, which makes a nice sauce. Grate some good parmesan cheese on top and serve in bowls.

You can make a gratin, a soup, or just slice them raw and drizzle with salt, pepper and olive oil.
(Here are two good recipes:

My favorite recipe is Orecchiete w/ Broccoli rabe

And the lettuce is great on its own - just dress it with a little olive oil and lemon!

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Thursday, 18 June 2009 12:43

Paisley CSA bloggers

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Check out these Paisley Farm CSA members who are blogging about food:

And a fan of Paisley Farm:

Feel free to add your own link in the comments!


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here are a couple of recipes that came to mind upon seeing this week’s pickins’:

for the rapini:

i made this recipe a month or two ago, and it was fantastic, not to mention SO SIMPLE. gotta love bittman. slight changes i made: rather than boiling the rapini, i sauteed it, and i also used toasted panko. i always thought bread crumbs with pasta was redundant– it’s not. i could’ve eaten this for days (and i did).

for the kale (and possibly the turnips):

i haven’t tried this recipe yet, but have been wanting to since i first laid eyes on it! i’m thinking you can substitute the turnips for the potatoes for the soup, right?! and kale “chips” seem to be all over the place this year– i hear they’re a crowd pleaser. mmm…

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Today is definitely a soup day and from the looks of it, it will be a pretty soupy weekend too. Luckily we’ve all got some luscious heads of kale and a bunch of snappy mint to keep us company.

Stale Kale Bread and White Bean Soup 

This is a pretty simple soup, lovely for a crowd or just one, and you can adjust all of the ingredients to your liking.

2 tbs. olive oil

2 carrots chopped, 3 celery stalks chopped, 1 onion chopped, 4 garlic cloves chopped

1 handful each curly blue kale and lacinato kale, stripped from stems and torn into pieces

5-6 cups chicken stock

1 TKoz. can whole tomatoes and 1 TKoz. can cannellini beans

1 cup stale bread diced (1 inch)

2 bay leaves, 8 basil leaves julienned, 1 tps. salt, 1/2 tsp. pepper, 

finely chopped chives and pecorino romano for garnish

Heat olive oil in a large stockpot over medium high heat. Saute carrots, celery, onion and garlic until soft, about 7 minutes. Add kale, chicken stock, tomatoes and beans with their liquids, bread, herbs and spices. Simmer mixture 20-25 minutes, adding more water if necessary. Ladle out a bowl and garnish with chives and grated cheese.

Mint and Lemon Mojitos

Mojitos and soup might not be an obvious pairing, but when you’re pining for summer weather while trying to stay dry, it works pretty damn well.

10 mint leaves, 1 tsp. sugar, 2 slices of lemon with rind already zested (keep zest)

1 1/2 oz. white rum, gin or vodka

soda water and cracked ice

Muddle mint, sugar, one lemon slice and half of lemon zest together in the bottom of a tall glass. Add the ice and pour over the spirits and couple of splashes of soda water. Swizzle the ice and liquids without mussing up the mint and lemon too much. Squeeze the second lemon over top and add the rest of the zest to garnish.

Forget umbrellas and rain boots. Think soup and gin.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009 12:45

Bags for the People!

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Bags for the People is a non-profit organization that provides people with a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

We were so excited that Bags for the People brought their mobile sewing party to Jimmy’s No. 43 last week for Paisley Farm CSA. Check out the pics below, and keep an eye out for their bag-making parties throughout the summer. Boycott plastic bags - make your own reusable totes!

CSA members sewing bags.

CSA members sewing bags.

Karol Lu, coordinator of our CSA at d.b.a. in Williamsburg won the prize for most stylish bag!

Karol Lu, coordinator of our CSA at d.b.a. in Williamsburg won the prize for most stylish bag!

Sewing + beer!!

Sewing + beer!!

The bag-making studio at Jimmys No. 43.

The bag-making studio at Jimmy's No. 43.

Bags for the People!

Bags for the People!


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Mike Kokas of Paisley Farm

Mike Kokas of Paisley Farm

Local CSA members near our farm may pick up shares on Fridays from 3: - 6:30pm. The farm is in Tivoli on Route 9 at the border of Dutchess and Columbia counties. Look for our red barn!

Please bring your own bags to carry home your share of vegetables.

See you there!

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Monday, 15 June 2009 12:46

Crop to Cup coffee orders

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Coffee beans!

Coffee beans!

Crop to Cup is a farmer-direct coffee importer based in Brooklyn. They have an innovative community reinvestment program whereby consumers directly support farmers with every coffee purchase. There’s much more to the program – check out the details and meet their coffee farmers at

Paisley Farm CSA members at our pick-up sites at Met Exchange, d.b.a. Williamsburg, and Jimmy’s No. 43 may order coffee directly from Crop to Cup. (Crop to Cup will handle all orders and payments directly. This is a *separate* service from the Paisley Farm add-on orders.)

Download the sign-up form here:

And the complete FAQ here:

Here’s how the coffee orders will work - you have two options:

  1. Week-to-Week ordering: Crop to Cup will send a weekly email and you respond with your desired volume of coffee.
  2. Bean Subscription: Avoid the hassle of weekly ordering by subscribing to a pre-set volume on a schedule. For example, sign up to have 2lbs delivered each week, or 3lbs delivered every 2 weeks. You can pause (go on vacation!) or modify your subscription volumes at any time by sending an email to Crop to Cup. Bean Subscribers receive a discount of $.50 per lb.
Paying for coffee orders:
  1. Week-to-Weekers will pay Crop to Cup directly by PayPal or credit card (submitted by phone or email) before each delivery.  Or pay a lump sum in advance (by check, PayPal or credit card); they’ll inform you by email when your account is getting low.
  2. Bean Subscribers: Submit a lump sum in advance (by check, PayPal or credit card), or keep your credit card number safely on file with Crop to Cup and they’ll automatically charge your card every four weeks.

Each site will have to meet the minimum drop-off amount each week to keep it rolling, so drink up!

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Saturday, 13 June 2009 12:50

First pick-up in NYC is June 17th!

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Paisley Farm...

Paisley Farm...

Your first share will include delicious romaine and bibb lettuces, lacinato kale and other braising greens, rapini, and radishes!

Remember to bring your own bags. If you have extra bags at home, your site coordinator will happily accept them as a donation for other CSA members.

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Many of you have been asking…

What’s happening on the farm?”

“Why are there so many greens?” or “Why is a there a slug in my treviso?”

and inevitably,

“Where are my fava beans?

I caught up with Mike the Farmer this week to get some of your questions answered and connect this weird weather to the deliciousness that has prevailed despite downpours and drudgery.

“The challenges we have faced on the farm have been described to me by a fellow farmer as a “vegetables growers nightmare. At the beginning of the season we turned over a new field only to be disappointed by the many large rocks and boulders we uncovered. In fact the plow caught a large bolder and was ripped in half. We spent the next 24 hours welding it back together. It not only took good welding skills, but we  had to employ strict geometry as well, which makes these plows work. (It bent  before it broke).

“In the long run this hardscrabble field has been good to us. The rocky soil carries away excess rain that has flooded many a neighboring field and the surface rocks warm up the soil . Warm soil is necessary for seeds to germinate and plants to grow. The effects of the rain have given us the largest lettuce we have ever grown, but have limited our variety. We have had a hard time of planting with the 32 days of rain. We lost a field of peas to deer and the fava beans we picked were infested with ants. We had to trow out many transplants because they got too big to plant. Our next task is to stake 4000 tomato plants.”

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